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Sunora Foods, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has its roots in canola oil. The very name "Sunora" is derived from the sun golden canola flowers that grow in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies. With the growing recognition of the potential health benefits of canola oil, Sunora has grown substantially over the last two decades. Sunora is now internationally recognized for its canola oil and related canola products and is a major Canadian exporter of food oil. Its introduction of canola oil into new markets has elicited the support of health practitioners and nutritionists, and even the occasion endorsement of a head of state.

Canola FieldAlthough Sunora Foods has its roots in canola oil, many customers do turn to Sunora for a number of other food oils. Sunora, as a significant importer of olive oil, takes special pride in the taste and quality of its extra virgin olive oil. To other customers around the world, Sunora means corn oil or soybean oil. With its international trading capabilities, the company is often the best and most cost-effective source of corn oil and soybean oil.

Olive TreesIn addition to mainstream food oils, Sunora is well-known for its expeller extracted and organic food oils. These products appeal to customers looking for a more natural approach to their food. Sunora expeller extracted and organic products are packed under strict protocols, with appropriate controls in place. Our organic products, in particular, are certified by Quality Assurance International, a leading certifier of organic products. We have recently also joined the Non-GMO Project.

Specific Sunora products are designed for retail, food service and food processing applications. Bottled food oil is offered in both metric and U.S. sizes. Food service products are generally offered in the convenient so-called Jug-in-Box. Drummed oil and other bulk products are available to food processors. Sunora Foods is particularly proud of its high quality bottled products, its healthier canola-based food service products and its extra virgin olive oil.

For additional information on Sunora Foods or its products, please contact us by phone at 403-247-8300, by fax at 403-247-8340 or by email to: or

Canola Oil

Canola is an oilseed crop which, in North America, is grown primarily in regions of Western Canada.

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Soybean Oil

While Sunora has mostly traded bulk soybean oil, in everything from drums to railcars, we have also frequently packed off some of our soybean oil.

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Corn Oil

Sunora brands of corn oil include Sunya, Sunera, Sunora and various private labels.

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Specialty Oils

Sunora Foods offers Organic & Expeller oils, Olive oils and Olive oil blends.

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